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Hi, I'm Angie.

I love the bugs.

My interest in insects started when I was a small child. I remember playing with the pill bugs in my mom's garden, you know - the ones that roll up into a tiny ball when you touch them. Science, in particular biology, was my favourite subject throughout grade school and high school. In University I studied General Science with a focus in environmental ecology of invertebrates and backed that with a minor in psychology. Throughout my University career I was fortunate to spend my summers studying West Nile virus and participated in the mosquito abatement program for Windsor and Essex County. 


West Nile Virus Abatement

This was an awesome experience. The knowledge and experience I gained helped shape and guide me into the entrepreneur I am today. I spent seven years honing my skills as an exterminator, biologist, project coordinator and mentor. I had the opportunity to work closely with several different public health units across Ontario. I led the Windsor contract as we monitored and collected mosquito samples, treated standing water sites, and helped educate the public on how to prevent West Nile virus. Switching from one blood sucking insect to another was a natural transition.

Broadening My Expertise

After leaving my long term seasonal job, I accepted employment with one of the major pest control companies here in Canada. I spent five years learning a little bit, about a lot of things. Learning about bed bugs and how to eliminate them came naturally and I excelled at it. Within this company I then specialized as a bed bug technician. I'm not one to toot my own horn, but I really made a name for myself within the company and across our city. This was an accomplishment I was proud of.

It's all in the details.

I attribute my success to my attention to detail. I have a thorough understanding of bed bug morphology, ecology and social interactions which gives me the ability to know where to look to find them. Finding the adult bugs is relatively easy, but I always concern myself with finding the eggs. Its important to stop the life cycle. Understanding how they move and travel around a room gives me the ability to find and kill the eggs. This is detail oriented work, which requires me to stay pertinent and focused. A mentor once said to me, "just keep looking until you find the larvae." That has stuck with me, and sometimes I hum to myself ~ just keep looking, just keep looking.


I had talked for so long about starting my own business, but I didn't anticipate it would happen this soon. The retirement plan was to babysit my grandchildren, and run my own pest control business part time. I think the Universe had other plans for me. There aren't any grandchildren yet, but when they do arrive my business will be well established and ready to grow.


I'm a Windsorite, born and raised, and I'm glad I can share my skills and expertise with my neighbours, family and friends.

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